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Diablo 4 - New Best Barbarian Leveling Build - Season 4 FAST 1 to 70 - Skills Tempering Gear Guide!

andyshortypettersen: Don't forget to breathe
mikka8514: Barb is dead in season 4 to much nerf dust devil is now b tier
TheRockemsockm: We don't have a single viable gen build but thank god they focused on fixing and buffing dust devils for months. Frenzy can go fuck itself until year 5 just like D3.
FerhundeAgac: Need druid build please
jerrys9136: Great job as usual love your vids!
Beta880408: Druid lvling guide when is out ? :D
ravenvg: Will there be a sorceress leveling guide? Would be great! Think Frozen orb cant be used for leveling.
Sepp2009: are we able to zoom out yet??
joshuanarem1454: I don’t like how all the top builds this season are passive damage, I.e. minions and 2 tornado variants. Seems like frozen orb will be the highest active damage skill
michaeldavis938: Those dust devils don't clutter the screen at all. I guess that's fine, it's not a trap season.

May 11 2024

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