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Diablo 4 - Most OP Class to Play in Season 4 - All Classes Ranked - Best Build \Tempering Winners!

Americaninparis2012: I've avoided playing necro since Blizz nerfed the hell out of the minions. I can't wait to try it out in s4
Rudeuslul: Rogue is the most balanced class in Diablo 4 it's been consistently good since season 0
cata1297: season 4*
mcmarkmarkson7115: I'm going underdog: rogue.
Matthew-he6id: Surprise! They extended s3 for another few months!
Percepti0nIsReality: My first ever druid next season. Looking forward to tornado and boulder!
spagzs: I still don’t understand what the testers at Blizzard do.
vyper695: I'll be going Rogue, because i find it the most fun
pokemonfan2630: Omg we can actually be necromancers now, finally get my moneys worth.
roshunepp: There's no way sorc is on par with barb or worse than rogue. Rogue beat that lvl 200 quickly and the busted sorc took 3x as long in the ptr.
Tanker-wk4wt: Nice copy and paste work.....

May 13 2024

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