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Diablo 4 - Maxroll Season 4 Class \Builds Tier List

JerBuster77: Skelly boys rise up.
SuhandiWijaya: It's not Wudi if not gonna take a few shots at Minion necro
darkadia6520: Finally summoner necro is on top been waiting for that. Sadly my favorite build ice shards seems to remained the same as before.
rumbleshakes: I'm 100% going minion necro. Always love minions and finally a season for me!
bono2852: Since I recently broke my arm I wasn't sure if I could play for several weeks. Good to know minion necro will rock so I can probably still play one handed.
TheCoromaru: Am I the only one who thought “I’d watch a 3 hour tier list maxroll discussion video”?
DoctorStrange01: Thorns Barb in A tier is great to see, i wanted to make that build before but gave up
damagus90: Been waiting for this one, thanks Wudi!
danieleatherly7298: Im so insanely happy minion necro will be a top tier build. I want all my dps coming from my MINIONS
gavincaldwell3496: going to play necro as i played the ptr and they were insane good to see minion doing damage and not just dying in seconds then maybe barb

May 10 2024

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