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Diablo 4 - Don't Miss THIS - 24 IMPORTANT Season 4 Changes \Tips - Best OP S4 Start Guide \More!

allseeingeye6379: backround music was annoying
Darknyte82: Thanks for the reminder to set my camera to far.
phylanx1: Camera distance setting = far, finally.
jaythendal426: You can indeed farm greater affixes, once level 100 all obol gambling will give you a 925 item and chance at greater affix items, obol cap increased to 2500
FuzzyRabbidDogg: It’s lvl 35 for Sacreds I thought?
zangetsu1500: ok it looks like i might try barb this season
user-cg6bo5qu1h: Not sure how I feel about the tornado's taking the screen away lol
MegaYote: Excellent video with a ton of valuable information!
user-xb8vb6sd9j: So I can make char and grind each tier doing endless Helltides? YES!!
KadenClips: Used to watch you when I was 7, Now 18. Just wanted to let you know you are apart of my childhood which I guess is pretty cool
Fanatiqual: nice breakdown, really looking forward to release

May 15 2024

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