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Diablo 4 - Boss Farming is changing in a MAJOR Way!

alwaysask: Who else is ANXIOUS FOR SEASON 4? o.o
Kotwurf: I wish there will be something like new game plus in the endgame (Optional of corse)
With tormented campaign uberbosses. The campaign was too good to left it RIP in pre season1 D4.
LastRightsTV: Yeah side quests re-work and a wt4 version of the story would be sick
thisishowthetruthdies684: I refuse to believe that I'm the only D4 player who finds no pleasure in ten minute Boss fights. Hard is one thing, wasting my time unnecessarily is another.
TheCosta5000: The problem last 2 seasons was collecting the ingredients to actually create the mats.
umbran0x: Cool changes but my main issue is being forced to find a group. Just make everyone pay for the boss and rebalance mat drops if needed so its around the same. Grouping will always be inherently better just from how it scales, no reason for it to be x4 better.
andrewhatch320: I just do not understand the logic with necessitating boss farming. No one enjoys it, especially me and my group. It does not make a "boss" important or rare in any way. It detracts from continued gameplay, too, for the average player. The more logical thing to do, in my opinion, is require much higher number of summoning materials, but reward players with better quality loot and like 10% Uber chance. The streamers and no lifers will get showered in ubers. Who cares? They already do. But if bosses are challenging, rare, and rewarding, it feels like an accomplishment.
Where do I see this going? Diablo 3 power levels and gear raining from the sky all over again. With improvement tweaks.
madsthorup2625: Did they change how many Duriel/Andariel mats the level 200 bosses drop after PTR? As far as I can tell, on PTR, the 5x rewards for doing the level 200 versions was only for items, not summoning mats. Which means that 10 Varshan/Grig/etc kills only yield mats for 5 regular Duriels, not 25 regular Duriels. That massively changes the math in favour of doing level 100 versions of Varshan/Grig instead of level 200 versions.
c-tothefourth4879: What's the chance of an uber from a tormented boss that isn't Duriel or Andarial? Still 0.5%?
Lodo2024: *5 rewards means if I kill varsan 200, then I can get 5 eggs?
13x: Will casual players have a shot at the 200 bosses?

May 09 2024

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