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Diablo 4 - Best Sorc Build To Crush With In Season 4

amarsigny: if i'm not mystaken it has been patched, and conjurations spawned no longer spawn new frozen orb, on top of decreasing the chance of proc, so probably quite a severe nerf but we'll see in a few hours
JezzyHsu: Skipped S3 completely but this build is luring me back to try S4
Cyb3r33: Looking forward to playing this today!
sodapopinksi667: Hope rogue doesn't turn out to be hot garbage. Frozen orb sorc is my second choice this season.
RafaelW8: Ich spĆ¼re, dass mir dieses Video noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben wird!

Or whatever that means
adamr740: Thank you
stephenp4630: I don't think wudi has played minion necro before lol. I've played ball lighting, frozen orb, and minion necro and I was more active clicking more buttons with minion necro then both sorc builds but u keep calling it braindead. I think someone must have hurt u that played minion necro lol
MrMuggsly: I am going FW to till I can get the amulet. I am actually really excited to play it
drdynanite: I really hope for a boss killer variant for this build on maxroll.

May 14 2024

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