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Diablo 4 - 10 Tips EVERY Player Should Know In Season 4

MrCorvou: dude straight up started a "10 tips" video by actually just saying "number one". savage af
VicJang: The video starts with “Number one…”
This is just awesome. Love you DM!
sindex: More content packed into this 7 minutes than some YouTubers get done in 15. This man is a gaming treasure.
jonq94: "number one" i think going straight into like this is one of the big reasons so many people started following u (like me) back when d4 released. never stop being awesome
MarbsMusic: Love how you just jumped right into the content on this one! Don't need to do that on every video but very cool on this type of list!
maddog_27: Everyone’s so impressed that he went right into it no intro bullshit. It really shows how youtube is now people are used to the 3 mins of rambling that has nothing to do with the video title. Respect for DM
TheTwitchyBrownGuy: I love when videos get right into it. We saw the title, we clicked, we know what we're here for so I hate it when other YouTubers do a 2 minute intro just to pad the view time
ShatroGames: awesome tips, straight to the point! classic DM quality, I can feel the S4 hype everywhere!
JustinPardue: Jumping back into D4 since release, pretty excited. It still is just a fun and satisfying ARPG to play at a casual to intermediate level and you are not sweating hard where the problems arise. I play it kinda like WoW where I just do keys to get KSM and Heroic raids for AotC.
chambone90: Bro didn't even waste time saying "Let's get right into it" lol Could have easily stretched this to 10 min with some filler, but didn't. Mad respect.

May 14 2024

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