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Companion Druid is INSANE! Pit 80 Made Easy! Diablo 4 Season 4 Druid Build Guide

worgmaniashenanigans2702: ah yes starting off with footage where u are using the bugged potion. WHY
Rodrigoo855: wolves use rabies even if you don't have it equipped in the skill bar, and if you increase the level of your rabies it also increases the damage they cause, test it in the test wolfs
subzero308: Damn i thought this was full companions build... I been a minion necro main since day 1 and then made a druid for companions build but had to change once got to T4 and then i started with ur werenado build then vampnado and never went back lol. Really want campanions do be good but all the campanions with the werewolves and everything... Ima still make it even tho it wont be good lol.
wdlwilliams: FYI, Call of the Wild apply to Companions passive damage too, not only the active part, I've just tested. Wolves, Poison Creeper and Ravens are all "Companion Skills", both the passive and active are parts of the skill.
lonnietomlinson2263: Nice build moxsy keep up the excellent work
whatthefrancium: I'm playing a Wolves build and have found some quirks with it. Despite the Wolves having the Werewolf tag, they do not count hits towards Lupine Ferocity, do not restore spirit with Lust for Carnage, and do not gain the benefits for killing an enemy with Hunter's Zenith. This leads me to believe that it is not properly implemented and would not benefit from Aspect of the Unsatiated.

They also do not apply Exploit vulnerability to enemies. This leads me to believe that Wolves count as their own entities and do not benefit from our buffs like Ancestral Guidance unless specifically stated (like Aspect of the Wildrage).

If the Wolves are their own entities then Damage vs Close would be the way to go over Damage vs Distant because even though our character is distant, the Wolves will be hitting a Close enemy. Something that I think proves my point is that the Wolves will apply the Exploit vuln only if they use Rabies but this counts as our cast of Rabies rather than the Wolves because it can activate Yen's Blessing.

As for Nighthowler's, it now reads that it gives the bonus to players instead of allies so the Wolves should only benefit from it once.

I really hope they fix the implementation because the build is currently missing a lot of damage that it shouldn't be.
DerekCAlbuquerque: Ive been using the wolf becomes werewolf with rabies and the poison shred and poison creeper and the damage over time bonuses scale super well... it kills everything and is super fun
darkcashka: Im trying this out abit kinda but with wind sheer and poison on wind sheer just standing there throwing sheers and just having fun with it right now since im not fully leveled yet and just need to figure out a good paragon board to it but hey maby not optimised or something but fun
carlschultz9981: This build would benefit from Yen's Blessing IMO for the free wolves/roar/howl casts.
Queen-dl5ju: i think necro minions should get 50% of the player stats..while the druid should get 100% since there are way less

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