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Blizzard Responds To Diablo 4 Season 4 Feedback

jeffkean5162: What about those damn invisible walls that block you from traveling the world?
RascalCatify: TLDR, dont master work until next week
thekidje12: The big alt change I want is just the map. If we open all the waypoints and finish strongholds on a seasonal character, why would the new character have to do all that nonsense again?
FaewnsHellion: Gotta watch out for those confirmination buttons!
MikeG.666: I've got a motorcycle
thomasace2547: “Buffed the fire damage in Helltide”

Thanks Blizz, that summon boss now one shots everyone
Sk74gaming: Butcher loot is totally awful. Needs a massive buff to loot.
goseals6: It isn't just MW cost. I feel like everything's cost has been significantly increased. Like costing >100k gold just to unsocket a fucking gem.
TheMikeADN: necros 1 shoting ubers
Kjetilstorm: Damn those confirmination buttons, they be the end of me dammit!
Naturalhigh8: I hope they fix the vulnerable damage issue. I know it's there for basically all of the sorcerers vulnerable damage. Not sure if it's happening to the other classes. Certain scenarios we are getting half value other times it varies somewhere between 0-50% stated value.
El_Cattivo1988: I would have done the Masterwork Reset for free. It costs 5 million each time. I have to reroll some items 30 times if I'm unlucky.
Velisatra: The masterworking is still absurdly expensive. Everything is. A freakin' potion upgrade shouldn't cost 8m. The scattered prism drop rate change is a godsend.

May 30 2024

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