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Apparently Were ALL Wrong About Damage in Diablo 4 Disproving this Myth Once and For All!

tek512: Pretty sure I'd rather somebody crack the code for how to get stygian stones to fucking drop.
Mentifiar: New ARPG players actually believing character sheets, a tale as old as time.
esvbanARPGs: that guy only plays sorc, and since sorc is bugged and he relies on tooltip, (and I think he only tested the broken sorc vuln damage) he got baited... i cant believe he went so far to say everyone else was wrong, though. Ton of people on reddit/forums still believe this local damage bucket, too, for stuff like devouring blaze. I get downvoted all the time trying to correct people.
maxmustermann7211: Blizzard is to blame, wrong character sheets & no dps meter...
overnow: Thanks for the hard math, now my dumb ass is going to go and hold the A button to go brrrrrrrrrrrr
ssaalleeeemm: Saw this guys video by chance and I thought no way was his calculations correct. Thanks for making it clear
MsharyPersonal: Serious question: Why don't the devs literally just publish how they code the calculations for damage? Literally just publish those formulas. Doesn't seem right that we have to do all this lab work to reverse engineer the mechanics.
BlackDaiquiri: this is what the abject abyssal misery that is trying to play a sorc this season does to a mfer
the1deadman543: Way to baked for this ATM. Be back later

Orthus100: I spent far too long staring at Formula 2 trying to understand what thought process created that math.
axel1978: “Caus everything in this game is bugged”
FirstSnowz: I picked a weird day to come back to D4

May 29 2024

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