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About The Future Of Diablo 4 And This Channel

Bottlecap: This channel gonna go crazy when Path of Exile 2 comes out.
introneurotic: Instead of a Goblin Vault Raid...HOW ABOUT A COW LEVEL WITH A METRIC SHIT TON OF GOLD.
SithLordBishop: So happy for you! Glad you were able to make it as a variety streamer!
ScytheNoire: "Just add a new currency."
Glares at World of Warcraft.
Journeying.: Didn’t think I’d touch D4 again but I said fuq it and gave season 4 a shot. I’m actually enjoying my time!

We’ll see how long it lasts though..
darkrazial: Tempering and being able to fail to get what you want to have is the best change they did to itemization. The amount of good items you find is still huge, getting 3 good affixes on your items with being able to reroll one is not difficult nor does it take long. If tempering was now a safe thing to do we would be exactly where we were before. Full gearing just a few hours after going to WT4 and having nothing to grind for.
If anything I would love to see more of this instead less.
rando151: Your videos are what's singlehandedly kept me in the loop about d4 since I quit after season 1, and now I'm about to boot up season 4 and am genuinely excited for it
goodoleboy: Great show May 20. Congrats on subscribing 299,295 minions. I enjoy the BS Free explanations of some pretty complex Diablo IV Season 4 machinations. I’m a 78 YO gamer and was an original Dreamcast/Atari 400 sword slinger. My wife has finally decided that I’m not going to give it up. Appreciate your channel covers. Archie ( Necromancer Archmagge )
isurus2478: i don't remember when I subbed, but I think it was maybe around 15-20k. Man, your channel has grown fast!
Majorox: Happy one year man glad we found you
jenniferheyden4843: So when it comes to the temper reroll... that is key to me. 1. There are manuals that have competing affixs. Damage to close and damage to distant. If I roll the wrong one the peice is bricked. Not just less useable but BRICKED. 2. Unlike other rolling mechanics I can't KEEP the old roll if the new one is bad. I had to stop playing last night when REPEATED items rolled the distant damage spec bricking my arms. 3. Each AFFIX should have it's own (I vote 5 each) number of rolls so if you DO get the one roll you want on one affix you aren't left with 1-2 attempts on the second. 4. Resetting gear is needed. Rather than have a new currancy... let's have an NPC at the end of a suffiently high enough pit that can reroll gear for you. Remember rolling up gems at the end of a GR in D3? Like that.

May 22 2024

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