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5 Diablo 4 Tips My Absolute Favorite OP Endgame Tips

michaelc1839: Other bit of advice, level 5 toons and max the iron wolves progress on each, you get a resplendent spark for each character so you got at least one and possibly 2 or 3 uber uniques depending on how many toons you want to make and level. Just focus on helltide progress and then go bqck to your main and make those ubers for your main guy.
WorkShopObsessed: If you do the summoning event with the blood maiden and the hearts and get a community gathered and everyone starts contributing you can easily get every single chest in every single helltide every single time
xanden1: My tip: Save your obols for gear when you jump from nightmare level level 3 and then again at NM 4
Arch5250: You should not be breaking down your items, you should be selling everything that isn't a codex upgrade.
michaelc1839: Always be popping holt bolts and profane mindcage, perma farming blood maidens
steveshillingburg: Max XP boost!
Elixer Incense Antivenin
8% 6% 8% = 22% XP!
briomhar5229: Can confirm as someone who started leveling a necro just today. level 86 atm and the holy bolts feels like a cheat code. clearing the screen and even off screen monsters is amazing. I'm going to miss it next season lol. It feels amazing to be a majority single target build yet be able to have aoe.
pawelkapica5363: How I crafted My Harlequins Crest:

I farmed helltide boss with my heartseeker rogue nonstop to level iron wolves to max as fast as possible. No mana required, just attack speed and spam. And you get all your aspects like that superfast.

On a good helltide when there were 4 other players around, I would be able to open 21 chests in 1 helltide. I went back and forth between the 2 zones so they could reset. The helltide boss was giving me around 150 iron wolves honor per kill (cant remember the exact number, but i think it was even more). I even got a sacred bow before the first capstone boss, so it made it a piece of cake. Didn't even know you can drop sacreds before wt3, but you will get it from the iron wolves caches.

I stayed at WT2! That's important because killing it was way faster, and you could open mystery chests all the way even at character level 90 which would give you another 120 iron wolve xp, alone the monster kills around the helltide boss would give me 7k iron wolve xp! But chests in WT3 cost more and give you less honor (blizzard lul). Once my iron wolves were max, I swapped to WT3 and kept doing this for regular xp. No min maxed gear required, It sounds weird that a basic attack build was able to kille the helltide boss that efficient, but it is.

That's several levels at the start. The reward for leveling up the iron wolves is a resplendent spark, which if you have 4 you can use to craft an UBER UNIQUE. And yes, you can repeat that process with each new character and still get the rewards. I hope they don't fix it after people catch on.

One thing to note is that I played Sorc and Necro prior, and I had most of the needed aspects already in my codex (but most ppl will have them as its mostly attack speed and basic attack power 1 super important aspect is acursed touch which will make the boss vulnerable), the other ones I got super quick from the helltide boss which always dropped legendaries.
LeCrowTV: imo breaking down legos after a certain point is less helpful then just vendoring for the gold (Unless its a codex upgrade).
Crafting materials other then those from the Pit are so common, but gold is pretty scarce compared to the need late game.
p3echyog565: Save and exit the game when your threat level is full. Come back in and the whole helltide will have a full meter. Enjoy
subzero308: Tempering is so dumb and really want it to go back to the old way... Season is really fun but i dont like the way gear works anymore.

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