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DC Universe Online Brainiac Returns! Launch Trailer PS5 PS4 Games

Gunblade-X: So crazy that this game has more active players than suicide squad
leydesperez1932: We have to congratulate this game since survive 3 console generation
Dr.GameYT: Obligatory: This game is still alive?
areathex4086: Bro I cannot believe this game is still getting content. PLEASE remaster this game with better graphics
Christianityg2002: The fact that is game has been around since the PS3 and is still getting content is shocking
mr.dccomics9018: This game is older than GTA V
James-ov5kg: This game still around is crazy.
ddsmitty1: This one gets a like from me. not because i still play the thing, but because it's still going strong after all this time. truly inspiring.
MohammadAli-fu3bb: I havent seen a video on this game in so long, surprised its still ongoing
hysteria347: Best Brainiac voice actor.
gabemyers4516: Better Braniac fight than Suicide Squad

May 25 2024

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