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We Have a Wipe Date!!! Dark and Darker Patch Notes Overview

EscalateWorldOfTanksBlitz: pretty over dark and darker ngl.
Cruncherss: Yeah dark and darker was fun then the people who play 23 hours a day ruined it. Cant have fun gotta be the fucking best sweaty nerd.
Hellfire8: A lot of good QoL changes here. The Devs do seem to listen to us players and i love that.
invisible5308: Does this mean on a map like ice caves, If you are in fear of losing your kit, you could jump into the void and still get your stuff back?
WhySoTilted: Chivalary/Mordhau style extraction game when? Much better melee combat would make for a more fun experience.
fitzwits: It's a shame they just started updating the game while listening to the community after losing fifty thousand players in about two months.. The community said we didn't like multi classing in the test server. So they pushed it live and pushed away over half the player base. Then,after having multi glass out for almost a month and fixing the exp problems with multiclassing they removed it. So they lost another half of their now dwindling player base because the only players that were remaining enjoyed multiclassing.. So now we are here. Dying game that most of the players that used to play it do not care about. It's a true shame if only they would have listened to their player base about a year ago.
antonyapostolov8252: I think the insurance thingy is really great for people who want to practice bosses in high roller.
nutwick7619: Thank you for all you do brotha
Lez-B-Ein: my casual experience is on par now i will enjoy playing more cause with college i cant play 15 hour days of nothing no more :c
510Blitz: always good news updates, thanks. honestly im still waiting for a steam release.
Prime_Logos: I am once more, asking for druid LOL. Here's hoping soon, I have played the breaks off it on ptr with friends. Lots of wonky/questionable stuff you can do, wondering how much will make it to live. Keep up the good work onepeg and ironmace.

May 25 2024

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