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This is Why You Should NOT Play Ice Caverns Dark and Darker

loganscalise7206: I was the wizard at the 12 min mark… can’t believe you fell off the map w my jewelry
bugstrung: The cut back to you dodging arrows looting pile
Jett2894: W stream
GodDangOl: 14 Seconds in and Zero views? You're falling off Yami!
brady2944: i was the rogue that kept opening and closing the door, ggs y4mi you guys are cracked
xaedris: oh you dont have to tell me not to play ice caverns I HATE that map and avoid it like the devil, but you seem to do really well on it at least.
DavidDeFrain: Trico should start streaming he’s too cracked fr
sussymonkeyDAD: Catgirls >>> motorcycles

May 26 2024

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