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This Brand New Fighter Build SLAPS Dual Wield Arming Short Sword Combo Dark and Darker Solos

zolocash8667: That timmy leaving after you gave him the cape LMAO
QueekHeadtaker: You looked down and to the left/off screen right before you "found" that Rogue, it could be coincidental chat glance, but it wasn't a good look. Super suspicious.
cameronhendricks5967: I know you're known for innovating/playing off meta builds. But I would love to see you use a normal meta shield fighter with an arming sword or falchion. Would be really instructive
CloudyMars-rb4kq: The warlock with RS gloves was euthafro
squidward8897: Bro as a fighter I swear I’m always late to the party when it comes to these new builds lol
sethhager4097: How is this build new or unique. Ive been running dual wield plate since the play tests
farmerjimm2882: How to deal with warlock casters with phantomize: Rush them bruh, it aint that hard, I lay them down with a couple of good hits.
T3DNR3D: This guy really peaked doing dual wield Fighter Plate builds, huh...

May 18 2024

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