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AngrierBanana: This is why multi-classing doesn't work right now imo. Instead of using a bunch of unique perks, you can just stack resistance perks and it works 10x better.
kpiegg2744: damn i was the close call against the slayer. built that kit based off your vids. when you killed me i couldnt believe it was you. man that was so close. I was so mad i spent all my money on that kit but to find out it was fighting you was worth it i guess ggs man
WrathofKoopa-fs8le: Looking forward to you branching out and playing other classes !
daxlarsen2121: Just FYI you can afford to get a fine cuirass ( str vigor) instead of darkplate since you are over 75% MDR anyways with the warlock perk.
DunkSkunk: I be chilling around just maybe 1-2 k, and go broke in trios lol
amongstus4418: I wish they got rid of Staff Mastery but made a new Dagorb focused perk for Wizard that gives them 100% scaling on Ignite again. Dagorb was honestly a lot more fun and fair but since the Ignite Nerf Wizard's playstyles got hella limited.
imtherealfish6146: MC saved the game by making it fun, its gonna suck going back to the same old meta.

May 08 2024

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