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Testing the New Parry Shield in Dark and Darker

alricfremanosrs1509: Holy shit I suggested this in a reddit comment months ago and it got like 3 upvotes, I'm honestly shocked. This is like the third time one of my barely viewed reddit comments was implemented lol.
aaronwoods7967: So the high impact resist makes it harder to parry any weapons that do not have 5 impact power. So it seems like a great counter to barbarians and their heavy weapons that defeat most blocks. looks great addition tbh. I also love that they based it on the real world example of this shield, looks so cool.
Mustacheoro: It looks cool as hell, and I can't wait to do some awesome sword and board 1v1s. That being said, hopefully this new item being kind of shit due to low impact will have them change how defensive weapons (THAT MEANS LONGSWORD YALL) work. Hopefully they'll go for a set timing period instead.
rUSTYfrfr: all shields can parry, it's a shield that can riposte
DimePwnz: looks like it would look great on a rogue :)
Sohfe: I assume the timing is so tight because it's a shield, and shields have naturally high impact resistance, and if the parry works similar to the longsword, the higher the impact value coded on the shield, the smaller the window of opportunity is for actually parrying an attack *(actually doing the counter attack). This is part of the reason the sword mastery perk was changed to movement speed over impact resistance.
bednoises6391: Small shield ill just zwei the knees caps
TowerdefenseRules: hi oggie i seen u in soma podcast
Mobay18: Sure lets make fighters even more OP.
primuschill: Fighter only is some bs.
GlenCGN: hell yeah, cant wait to try it :D

Jun 08 2024

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