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chaboibenjammin: I'm definitely getting burnt out on DaD. I actually like doing the questing in this game, but don't want to have to redo all of the quests any time I want to try a new class out for a little while. It's the only real progression left now that MC is gone, so questing being stuck to one character feels bad.
cbtcrusader7699: no map rotation at the start of wipe, lvl 20 entry for HR, stupid 'experiments' that amount to either destroying the game or arbitrarily removing a feature for a week so they can pretend like they changed something, general fatigue with the playerbase of constant yoyo balancing and patches that go nowhere, with no meaningful development to the game's fundamental mechanics, which are barebones.
multiclassing was the nail in the coffin. multiclassing was so fucking bad that everyone who left because of it never returned.
if only there was some form of testing branch that would have let ironmace know that multiclassing would kill their game before they forced it on the skeleton playerbase
CharlieBrown-bh2pq: gear score has never worked in one game, ever
MerediqUA: Reasons are to many now.
Using users as a lab rat with testing of shitty features that broke the game such as
- creep
- same mistake with all atr
- feeling that all features done by guys who don't play the game
- multiclass just kill wish to play at all
- tens of attributes, that are unnecessary and to hard manage
- and druid, thats fucking broken shit And I'm sure they never can balance that, because most forms are useless but rat is insane
- this game is to hard for new player, why they are scared to give at least more heals for basic kit so noobies can learn some how
HotDogBunN2YG: I'm not that hurt about the lack of content but more the fact that theyve wasted so much time on really pointless shit when it couldve went to positive things for the game. let me list for you what theyve done this wipe.
1. they brought back old gear rolls that we already knew were unbalanced hence why they were removed.
2. they added a gear based matchmaking system that was never going to be good for the game because of that gear.
3. nerfed classes around that gear, then nerfed that gear completely ruining kits in peoples stash.
4. added in a completely untested and unrestricted MC system that completely broke the game as their big content drop for the wipe, then removed it because it was so broken, which anyone who actively plays this game couldve told you would be the case.
5. said that at least from multiclassing they learned that theres some skills in the game that need to be nerfed and still havent made a change making so the only 3 classes i see in the game are fighter, barb, and ranger.
this wipe has been a major waste of time for both the players and them as developers and now people are begging for changes and a wipe and their silent other then to come in and tell us that theres gonna be cosmetic rewards for quests. i told Greysun, "its a little hard for people to get excited to go grind quests for cosmetic rewards when the game is in such a miserable state gameplay wise" and he basically told me to stop complaining so idk, theres around 5000 players left in the game, and its not all caused by an overdo wipe, like it was last wipe people are generally fed up with everything theyve done this wipe and the content there wanting us to get excited for is a down level for a map that majority of the player base hates because its miserable, an arena which literally nobody asked for and should be something not focused on until the core game is in a stable spot, and druid, which i played in the test server, though very funny, not a game saving class. ive never been an IM doomer, but they need to start being devs and be able to look and see that things are broken and have issues without letting it go on until players are fed up and also see that things are a bad idea before implementing them in the live game. an unrestricted multi class system and gear base matchmaking in an extraction based game where gear is 75% of what determines a fight are 2 things I couldve saw were a bad idea before they were ever in the game simply because im an experienced player, why cant the developers of the game?
calebmeyer616: Man please don’t stop uploading. You’re the guy who I point all my new-to-the-game friends to when it comes to watching yt to get better. On top of that you’re just so damn wholesome. The whole “grass-fed steaks” arc is so great because people would much rather pay for your food than someone’s gambling problem or sum’. Obviously the game has a lot of problems but it’s savable and we just gotta hold the line. Also they need to implement a structured sherpa system so that the no-life’s can make friends and the new players can get carried. Delete GBMM. Bring back the playtest mode where you could bring gear in normals. Sorry for the rant.
chost-059: all my teammates quit in the middle of the previous wipe, when it was 3 layer ruins and such. they havent come back despite my best efforts, i find solos to be boring and its hard to play trios with randoms. im also quickly losing interest in playing this game since the gameplay loop is so unrewarding now.

the game now boils down to reaching lvl 20 to get 4 perks, getting a few thousand gold and buying a set of gear from market and pvp'ing. i miss back when you couldnt just buy gear and instead had to grind gear by farming minibosses and inferno bosses, and having no GBMM or gear restrictions so if you survived several matches in a row you would gradually gain better and better gear and eventually lose it, that was fun.
Summonick2: Great sadness that this game is currently at risk; not for the game but for streamers like this guy who are developing a success and following that could be back to square one
Yolosapien420: Reading the comments proves half of y’all are dying to the first ai/player you run it to. I’m convinced ppl die to shit that was avoidable like a barb slow walking at them but can’t see that rangers/wiz/warlocks building 12 true dmg playing kite and kiter in -299 is a problem that is what is actually killing the game not barbs that are literal walking targets lolol
Zak-jt6nk: this game could keep it's player count up just needs a few things
-Shorter Wipes (1-2 months tops), wipes should be 6 times a year at minimum.
-Account wide quests, less map locked quests. (nobody likes to be forced to play a map)
-Big patches at beginning of wipe (such as multiclassing, stat roll changes on gear, new maps, etc.) With 1 or 2 small patches in between (balance changes, bug fixes, optimization)
-More reasonable AP system atm you need no life to get demigod vs last season it was just free.
-Some type of poll system in game to determine player opinion on updates (them reading general chat is obviously bad for the game and they definitely do it)
-Literally any anticheat software.
hubertdabrowski3548: Reasons i quit:
Chage of stat roll mid wipe meant a lot of value was lost like i'm fine with 1 all being max. But taking 2 away from existing items felt like shit.

I got board playing gc 1000 games in a row as a solo by the time they added rotation i felt done for the wipe.

Multiclassing getting added and with it a stupid level 20 req for high roller meaning i never came back to level other classes once it got released a month in.

May 21 2024

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