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Stacking action speed on rogue with Deathbloom is BROKEN Dark And Darker PvP Highlights

dersky223: bro is spttin the gamer words
xd_cyrus8350: mans was throwing slurs like throwing knives i respect it brother
somedyde8477: We gotta see how it went in duos with the both of you
_thewidow_: the ending of this video is actually amazing, that barb is a legend and you're an actual G by giving him what you did. I HOPE YOU RAN SOME DUOS AFTER, PERHAPS VIDEO YES??
silkspace: The most legendary barbarian out there
ademazizi8458: Bro insanee do that duo video for sure !
shadowbanned340: BRO milkyways did this with his boyfriend barb in solos to me too! He was running the most broken 299 build ever. i saw him in the rafters, baited tf out of him by faking resting. He immediately w keyd and stepped in my ranger trap that HE WATCHED ME place. i got all his bis. His life partner just stayed in the rafters and witnessed him getting absolutely clapped. His kit was easy 30k.
lukewebster1786: BIS video brother !!
hansenbee123: dis shit is legendary <3
victormafra4723: bro that barbarian is a hero no joke

May 30 2024

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