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Rage Ranger does TOO Much Damage | Dark and Darker

DozeeqProductions: Y4mi: "that did half my health, this guy must be
Josh7569: With rage and shriek of weakness atst hitting him 5 times with the spear and he wasnt faultering at all was CRAZY.
liamvernon2703: oiled?
funnychannelnamehere623: when oiled yami stream??
butosai2539: that guy you died to at the end is the guy and kit that repoze killed and it was such a long fight it was like an anime battle
douglastakle8242: Ive been running 5 song bard and I think its way worth it to replace song skip and run the 5 self buffs.
redrrxredrrx7289: The kind of entertainment i always need to eat before sleeping right intime

May 08 2024

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