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New Patch Most Broken Cleric Build got BUFFED Dark and Darker

2010thurley: Day 51- Play Wizard!
xkatnisss: Where’s the guy that says to play wizard daily
Woobieeee: Thank you for the wideo. Congrats on 13k.
PerqMaTix: shh now this is gonna be the whole game for a week LOL
code3164: favorite dark and darker youtuber appreciate the daily uploads
bennyheppner4589: Dimo loves playing meta
rexasd9859: Wassap i am the cleric guy who invted u to party
Borkomora: 3 grand is not half a pelt rn, pelts have been under 4k since i started
mitrakasg8519: Dimo , could you perhaps rotate between the classes from video to video? For example if i dont care about cleric i have to wait like 5 videos until i see something that interests me.

Jul 10 2024

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