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Nature's Fury | Dark and Darker Druid Gameplay

joshgribble5319: Can't wait for the true rogue/rat multiclass
Frayzo_: this video was filmed in the california zoo
asiannormie7746: Rat pickpocket = genius
papagoose3345: Rat Natures Touch = infinite max heals
foureducks1248: Pretty neat seeing that they had the foresight to keep the pile and chests inactive in the gem room if the door isn't opened. Also pretty neat seeing that they didn't have the foresight to make the doorway a full wall lol
ParabolicGains: Meme game
poisonddogpoisonddog6212: Jay really just scrolled over two abilities said 3 things about them and the rest of the video is him in rat form interacting with other rats.
damonbradley3883: The rat door jump pog!!!
alterworlds1629: Rat form is actually so cool.The rat in a treasure is sick. They open the treasure and the inventory screen pops up so they never see you coming when you bite their ankle, or transform into Panther, or untransform AND ACTUALLY BE A BARBARIAN IN DISGUISE!! In general, there are so many cool spots you can escape through. The grates need to be a bit more precise to let rats through consistently though in some areas.
averyyeen: Loving this new national geographic documentary, nature is brutal.

May 08 2024

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