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I finally used BIS in Dark and Darker...

madMILL3R: imagine this fighter next wipe with more health, much more speed, and no true damage. Gonna be a fun fighter meta until first hotfix.
cylitic: The “YOINK” had me rolling
tjhookertj6923: ranger is broken and needs a major re-work, this is nothing new.
BornToKill780: This video shows everything op with ranger. U shouldnt b able to shoot someone from a distance for 197 damage. Especially ratted up in a room with traps
GlobbGod: Digging this video - I know you like trios lobbies but hope you do some more BiS solo runs. Fun seeing you take on other super geared players.
ZenMunk: I think were all playing PDR next season... thats all Ill say.
floatingheads8267: range meta doesn't exist, don't believe the numbers you see
DannyfMartin: Your skinny pette now, with good gear the fights to ez- just an unemotional gg :)
CSnipesTV: MOM I WAS ON TV BRIEFLY!!!! another banger video o7

Jun 07 2024

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