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End of Wipe News and Cosmetic Rewards Dark and Darker

tjhookertj6923: please talk to the devs and ask them to stop using the live server as a test server, devs are killing this game with bad internal process and lack of new content, last 2 patches have had 24hour downtime.. unprofessional.
venomous7321: I hate the devs for only releasing the rewards a week or two before the end of the season. So BM
sbellcaster: the "flask ale skin" is actually a sitting animation. you sit down and drink it kind of like the madrinas coffee.
sussymonkeyDAD: If fishing does become a thing, I'd love for it to be possible in the new gathering hall and that you could fish with your friends in peace. Ofc, fishing in the dungeon would provide rarer fish.
AllThatZombies: great vid ryan you're the best D&D content creator
UnimportantAcc: Anyone else missing the simple steam demo days. When all we had was Crypt and it was perfect
jimbotron8552: bro who cares about another blue campfire skin lol
WellDoneOnTheInternetEverybody: Quest deadlines end by wipe, Graysun confirmed in gen chat.
mellowdarkness3344: A little interested in your thoughts for a question I have, Ryan. Future players will not be able to gain old season locked races and cosmetics with how it looks currently. Me and a friend thought that blueshards should be used to buy these cosmetics but at a higher price than current store cosmetics and races available in blue shards. As blue shards is a method to reward people for sticking with it and having dedication, would you say that future players should be able to get these cosmetics in exchange for blue shards in the future?
doomsday6372: wtf is going on with this game
TomEJSawyer: The AP requirements to achieve demigod, after IM only releasing the rewards literally 1 week before the leadboards end, is absolutely criminal. -1.2k per match at exemplar is absolutely insane for the solo player who is not no lifing the game. Hopefully they realise this and look to make these rewards actually achievable for not just the hardcore sweats who are on 24/7.

May 26 2024

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