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DarkKnight BlackBarian Build is Absolutely Broken Dark and Darker

PolarrsX: Day 23 of eating while watching Dimo’s new wideo, Today we got more McDonald’s
bradquackson: day drinking delirium fighter
Tomas82209: great wideo my neighbour!!!
DaDwizarsnoob: <3
deostarbird: I didn’t make it in the video but you absolutely slaughtered me with this kit while I was cornered by a nightmare goblin next to the static haha. Hope to see you again next wipe!
i-Kodoku: If that PDR fighter had been stabbing you the entire time instead of giving you 5 free hits, with the 3 frannies and hit to the back you got, I wonder who would have won
Summersinning: Questionable title but great Wideo
Farmer_Rick_Ross: New subscriber here, just want to say im so glad to see somebody not playing the lame survival bow kite strat that every youtuber is doing right now. Its refreshing to see someone running down half the lobby with a melee character
ZenMunk: movement speed agi nerf has dawned the era of the melees and we welcome its king, the barbarian!
toysiff9952: lmao the rope extract

Jun 07 2024

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