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Dark and Darker World Premiere Trailer Summer Game Fest 2024

snakyjake9: Nexon has put Ironmace through so much crap, it's great to see our favorite indie dev team WINNING and back on Steam!
TKdrizzle: YouTube gotta stop these prn bots
user-dh1jd6uz9m: wishlisted on steam,looks very fun
GlazeonthewickeR: Man, we need more dungeon crawlers of this style!
meowxd69: do players who bought the game get anything ?
donnyboi1990: 5/10 comments were bot comments so I figured I'd post. WE MADE IT BACK TO STEAM!
DaMaGeRR: Steam F2P release is bullshit, only can create 1 pj and only a basic dungeon. I bought this game some months ago and I play full from Blacksmith platform. Will be able to play in Steam?
0____________0_____________0: hi
jonathantyner171: Soul Calibur VII World Premiere Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2024

Jun 11 2024

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