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Dark and Darker Official Gameplay Trailer

FaisalAriff: Why do the skeletons shed blood tho…?
squidapple9662: Free on Steam so I've been playing for an hour, haven't even stayed alive long enough to extract yet, 10/10 skill issue
steadfast78: That thumbnail… he was playing a handheld device.
benavanzato5127: Let’s go, most addicting game I’ve ever played
123reivaj: Not bad, it reminded me the Great Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
TheUnknownDeath: Nexon tried to stop this game from being made. For what?
wildcard126: WE HELD THE LINE BOYS. If you never played this gem, give it a try. So fun.
Topkje: console edition plss
myfakename5582: Nice they won their lawsuit.
Sheckyize: “We have Oblivion at home”
AntLeonardi01: Been following this one for a long time. Can’t wait to play

Jun 09 2024

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