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Dark and Darker is Patching EARLY Patch Predictions

nerderousrampage: Looks like the line is getting some reinforcements! Just a little longer gents, we'll get the new recruits up to speed in no time!
xSCARxMONTAGES: Free to play , earlier patch ?! Multi class gone ?!
They been cookin hyped to play after work today!
concretel10n: 1 for let it cook fully and tested well before implementing - a delayed product can still be a good one and a rush job almost never is
concretel10n: Patch predictions - 2 hour extension and then a few hours later a 2 hour hot fix

Sorry sdf.
joshuamitchell3441: Something amazing huh? Im not sure what that could be that would really blow me away like that. The only thing I can think of is the game coming back to Steam for its F2P wipe. The influx of players from that would really be next level, especially going into a summer weekend, with the Summer Games Fest advertising, with summer break in full effect for kids. THAT would be amazing to me for the game at this point, because I think that's what's really holding the game back at this point.
wanderingwind9601: This last patch was what I needed to come back to the game, I’m excited to see what the wipe patch will bring, hopefully the game is going more in the dungeon crawl direction and not PvP brawl fest (although an arena for players that want pure PvP is a great addition)
lukevaillancourt4071: “Things shown from green” his account is Grass^
vile__93: You have such a chill intro
concretel10n: Oh shit, summer games fest and f2p! I'm praying for you Ironmace - I'm not religious but I'm praying.
BigBassDaddy407: Man class training has been in the works since playtest days, how is it not ready? Fk multiclassing... just make 3 trees for each class like most rpg games.

Jun 09 2024

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