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Best Way to Get Gear in Dark and Darker

tszhinma6384: Yami ran in charging in proud to fight only to run like a coward from that one cleric blow that took half his hp is the funniest shit I have seen today.
dylangutierrez7482: That mosquito was naked chill
josephlintner3967: Firebox has bred an army of clerics
CasuallyRekt: the fact people follow an honor code in the game amazes me, i mean ive been pranked here and there but most the time when people dont wanna fith they are legit about it and other people want straight fair 1v1's with minimal third patyin
Epic_Eggroll: "let's fight, square up right now" proceeds to run away

thelonetubernomad2346: Funny the new GS system was mentioned. I was starting to think to myself like, " Damn these timmy's are really starting to get geared " .Then a friend shared the link and it all made sense .
thedarkblitz: clerics are supposed to be the hard counter for rogues, I mean, in a well balanced game, in the future maybe, you should not be able to win against a cleric or at least if you two are on the same level of mechanics and gameplay you shouldn't win or it should be REALLY REALLY HARD for the rogue
bolenarrow9286: I kind of like the idea that in a world of OP clerics, the long sword fighter comes out as the hero we all needed. Kind of a dope counter.
bert6576: nice vid, as always <3
BrokenSurvival: You should tell that mosquito how you really feel

Jul 10 2024

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