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Ambush Barbarian Build is Absolutely Terrifying | Dark and Darker

CR-xx7kd: Okay Dimo, you didn’t put our honorable combat in the wideo. This aggression will not stand!
thewoodofdoor1069: Nooo this was my class
Lemmyywinkz: "In twodays wideo"
I love your content
Seaneey: Your laugh is contagious
Champuru2: Hey Dimo, you're looking really cute today my friend
tombofthememelich2192: This build greaser than a Five Guys burger and I am here for it!
willojames9910: sitting outside the treasure door for 10 minutes is wild not gonna lie
who_againn_: no way you killed the same skinny pete fan i killed before
lewish1087: Dimo this is evil and I love it

May 08 2024

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