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3,000 SrslySoapy Duo Crypt Tournament Best Moments Dark and Darker

ryan6daysaweek: This was an awesome event man, big thanks to you and your admin team for making all this possible - looking forward to the next one! Congrats to all the winners!
tancredelarrieu955: yami casually 2v1 on repoze and promoz lmao
2010thurley: Soapy’s laughter makes this tournament
DogInATaco: Poshy and Chullo are BIS bro best cleric and bard NA
The fact that every other team needed to either run or completely change strats when they identified them is some serious big dick aura
Thanks for hosting another one of these Soapy! They're great fun and a fantastic way to bring the community together.
-Papi_Chulo-: Thank you so much for hosting this! I had a blast!
ArcaneArmor: This tournament made Steven proud.
ZenMunk: soapy has to be the official commentator on all future DaD tournaments, who agrees?
Repoze: cinema
xxcsokixx: Thank you for single handedly keeping dnd "pro" play alive. It was so much fun to watch. Keep em coming!
Makya__: we love steven, even more Soapy, thanks a lot for this insane tourney, thanks to mods, admin for the support in the shadow :)

Jun 06 2024

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