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1v2ing The Two BEST Players in Dark and Darker

promo_z: So youre just gonna take my 30000 dono and upload anyway....whatever bro. All jokes aside youre nuts bro, survival bow might be the truth
blackfearjays2286: Narrator: "they did not pay him"
unexpectedcode4708: “They’re always so fucking happy” lmaoo
kroniciblis4927: Lmao the bickering is crazy
ahh I felt that deep in my bones and it made me laugh so fucking hard. Thanks for that repoze.. best part of the clip honestly hahahaha
Repoze: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BribbleYT: Bro is trying to brainwash into his hunt showdown transfer kekw
theejones9980: Hunt Showdown is one of my favorite games. Love to see what you think of it
Mom4ntik: W
kenny5409: When you make repoze so mad he starts saying your hacking

Jun 05 2024

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