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bingeclub7893: The pesti ranger was aimbotting btw. He was posted in discord while clearing lobbies so some rangers geared up and took him out.
kyruublad: that barb fight was something else. So fucking clutch man.
lacey3448: OMG! You hit 10k!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
MonitorMonarch: The bagging kill was great. Instant karma
lacey3448: Hey! Do you have a stream schedule? I just wish I knew when you would be streaming so I can be sure to be there!
kapusta1215: Phys power bonus is more expensive because it scales better. After you have 50 phys power, it increases by .5% instead of 1% per phys power so 3% phys dam bonus would be the same as having 6 physical power
Liz4rdMan: I don't believe this video is 18 minutes long, I was so focused and entertained that it felt like 5 minutes, well done my man.
koobz4ever: Interesting video, but you won't get an upvote because you tried to facetank a bard without having your weapon out and then proceeded to say "nerf bard" because you played like a pepega.
Pharcyde-gk4je: i ran into that ranger in the caves right before this happened, his kit was nasty, i didnt know he had pesti at first and i didnt fight him, biggest regret XD
ripsandyjlopez8328: You talked about nutrients and how the steak your eating got rid of your anxiety, do some research on Jordan Peterson and his daughter with the carnivore diet, im sure you know a bit about it but carbs, especially too much carbs do numbers on your health, from joint pain all the way to your mental well being. maybe it varies from person to person but I dieted for about 2 months on carnivore, the carb urges were horrendous but after about 3 days no more urges, i stopped sleeping so much, i stopped staying in bed "waking up" in the morning, i didnt feel like shit or just felt uncomfortable (itches, minor joint pain or just feeling uncomfortable) and more importantly, i felt social and depression and anxiety were next to nothing. and the first month, I was at 235 pounds 5"10, and went down to 215 within the month, (granted most of it was water weight) but my face looked skinnier, i looked smaller, and by the end of the second month i was nearing the 200 mark. not even just eating meat, not even not eating carbs, just staying under your calorie deficit works wonders on weight loss(kinda the only way to lose weight tbh), and being in ketosis just feels like a super power drug dude, your life just turns around.
BornToKill780: That ranger is a Known cheater my friend. He killed me too and i was so mad i just exited game amd didnt get a chance to report.

May 17 2024

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