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Re-Rolling ELITE ITEMS | Diablo 2 Resurrected

Re-Rolling ELITE ITEMS | Diablo 2 Resurrected

The the sake of testing, and answering your question, I rerolled an ilvl 1 rare jewel in the same way with SoJs. I have PlugY, so I can see the ilvl. My character is level 90. First it went from 1 to 59, then from 59 to 97, and finally from 97 to 99. So it always ends up at ilvl 99.

You can lower the ilvl by doing it with 6 pskulls and a level 1 character (you can give him a cube with PlugY shared stash), for the sake of getting godly ilvl 1 rare jewels for twinking.

From all my testing, and I have tried Charsi as well, a normal item will never turn eth, and an eth item will never turn normal. With Charsi, you need an ilvl 85 item and a level 96ish? character for the ilvl to reach 99. Your level will up it, and the previous ilvl will lower it, sort of an average.

I’m just here for the intro

Apr 14 2024

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