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How Many Andariel Runs Until Shako Drops - Diablo 2 Resurrected Hardcore Season 6

Embarking on a hardcore 'speedrun' in Diablo 2 Resurrected with a random class can be both challenging and exciting. In my quest for better gear, a critical need arose: obtaining a Sho from farming hell Mephisto. However, reaching the 105 Faster Cast Rate (FCR) breakpoint for teleporting proved to be a bit tricky. Determined not to end up frustrated, I decided to share my journey and some valuable loot finds along the way.

Before diving into the push, I made sure to gather gear with 75 Fire, Light, and Cold resistances. Juggling random items from Nightmare difficulty, I aimed to achieve optimal stats. One notable item was the Wizard's Pike, traded for a PO Rune from the Hell Forge, providing 50 FCR and 75 all resistances.

Luck was on my side, as on run number two, Andy dropped a Goldwrap, granting a 30% magic find boost. Replacing my Goldskin, I continued the journey. Run number 15 brought a Viper Magi with lower resistances but still a significant upgrade.

The loot journey continued, with finds like Ariat's Face on run 33, Ravenclaw on run 36, and Mage Fist on run 40, aiding in reaching the desired FCR breakpoints. Goblin Toes on run 41 were a welcome addition for crush and blow, while a unique Grand Charm on run 53 added 23% more magic find to my sorceress.

Run number 57 saw the discovery of a unique Ethereal Qhaens and a unique ring, though not the coveted Stone of Jordan. However, luck smiled upon me on the next run with a perfect Nal ring, boosting my magic find further.

Run number 72 marked the first Tal Rasha piece, the mask, bringing me closer to my goal of a full set. Excitement peaked on run number 75 when the elusive Sho dropped – a surprising turn of events considering the calculated odds.

For those familiar with the grind, you know the satisfaction of seeing that sought-after item finally drop. If you've undertaken a similar journey, share your experience in the comments below. May your Diablo 2 Resurrected adventures be filled with triumphs and lucky drops!

Mar 12 2024

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