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D2R Items: What’s Playing on News and notable events in late March 2023

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Before you venture forth to brave the unknown, take a moment to kick back and read up on the latest beats from all of your favorite games.

Get ready to shred on the Hearthstone stage, embark on a new adventure in World of Warcraft, deploy into an all-new Call of Duty map, and more.

Every two weeks, we help you catch up on all things by highlighting new content, developer updates, and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment.

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The stage is set for a new expansion: Festival of Legends!

E.T.C. is gathering the greatest musicians from all over Azeroth to put on the biggest music festival in history. Festival of Legends will launch worldwide this April, with 145 new cards, two new keywords, Legendary musicians and songs, and more.


The Year of the Wolf’s Core Set update

Alongside the Festival of Legends, Hearthstone will kick off Phase 1 of the Year of the Wolf, bringing more cards and Battlegrounds updates than ever before

Over 70 cards in the Core Set will be swapped out for new ones, along with new keywords and cards that just rotated out of Standard

Starting this year, the Tradeable keyword from United in Stormwind will be used across most expansions for the foreseeable future

The Priest class will receive a tune-up to adjust the class’s core mechanics and fantasy

Check out the full spectrum of updates coming to Hearthstone in .

World of Warcraft

The 10.0.7 Content Update is now live

Return to the Forbidden Reach for new adventures, collect two new Heritage Armor sets for orcs and humans, walk the way of the Monk as three additional races, and more.


Slip on into the Turbulent Timeways

The Bronze Dragonflight has discovered growing disturbances in the timeways, with several rapidly intersecting our own. Gather your allies and take a Timewalking adventure through Azeroth’s past now, beginning with the chaotic events of Cataclysm!


Get your very own D.I.S.C.O.

Now through April 2, tune in to any Dragonflight stream on Twitch to unlock a new addition to your toy collection and conjure a dazzling spectacle sure to light up any dancefloor.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Developer interview: Sit down with senior animator Carin Huurnink

Having been on the Arclight Rumble team since game’s inception, Huurnink has translated a slew of gameplay ideas into fun, recognizable animations

One of her priorities is ensuring the animations she creates are easy to distinguish on small mobile devices, something she accomplishes by using clear silhouettes, exaggerated poses, and broad movements

Huurnink found it important—and fun—to add small callbacks to World of Warcraft in Arclight Rumble’s environments and boss encounters

to learn more about Huurnink’s animation processes and inspirations.

Call of Duty

Season 02 Reloaded has arrived

Kit up and deploy into the midseason update for Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare II, featuring an all-new Core Multiplayer map, Camo Challenge Event, free gifts to celebrate the third anniversary of Warzone, and plenty of other content to experience across both games.

Overwatch 2

PachiMarchi is back!

Celebrate the eponymous lovable, huggable, and oh-so-squeakable half-onion, half-octopus with the return of PachiMarchi. Collect a slew of Pachi-swag and conquer the competition in an all-new game mode as you attempt to become the ultimate Pachimari enthusiast.

Mar 29 2023

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